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Why Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a land with rich history and ancient culture, situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. It shares a border with Turkey and Greece to the south, Macedonia and Serbia to the west, Romania to the north and the Black Sea to the east.The Balkan Range passing through the country from West to East divides it in North and South Bulgaria and gives the name to the whole peninsula called Balkan Peninsula. The first Bulgarian state on the Balkans was founded 681 by Khan Asparuh, ruler of a part of the ancient Bulgarians The cross-road position of the Bulgarian lands on the Balkans made of them a natural scene for contacts among ancient civilizations. Their chronological sequence is: Anatolian and Aegean, Thracian, ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, ancient Bulgarian, Slavonic, Christian and Islamic. Christianity was introduced in the IX century, as the country emerged as one of the three most powerful states in Europe together with Byzantium and the empire of Charles the Great. Since then the orthodox Christianity has been invariably Bulgarian official states religion. This fact made the country to be a coveted foreign political partner regionally and worldwide and contributed to a significant growth of the tourists flow to it. Nowadays Bulgaria is a NATO member state and gets closer and yet closer to its definitive admission in the European Community, which may become reality in the early 2007. These prospects, along with the political and ethnic stability determine a redirection towards Bulgaria of new investment flows what will contribute to a fast economic growth in near future. The introduction in 1997 of a monetary board stabilized the Bulgarian economy. In the period up to 2007 the Bulgarian legislation gets improved and changed according to the laws of the European Community member states. The Bulgarian foreign investment laws are among the most liberal ones in the region. The decline having dominated the country because of the transition from commanding economy to market economy and liberal democracy, is overcome and gives way to the prospect of rediscovering Bulgaria. It is being rediscovered not only by the investors but also by the common citizen of Europe, who appreciate quietness and tranquility of life in rural and highland areas of a country like Bulgaria. In Bulgaria you will be spoilt for choice, as every corner offers something exciting and different for the visitor.

Melodious tunes and beautiful voices, fiery dances and brightly colored costumes - Bulgarian folklore has to be seen, felt and experienced! The world has started talking about the \"Mystery of Bulgarian songs and dances\"... If you attend one of the many picturesque folk fairs, singing contests and original folklore festivals, which gather thousands of singers, musicians and dancers, where several generations of Bulgarians sing, play and dance, you will perhaps yourself discover the key to this mystery, the key to the heart and soul of Bulgaria.

Bulgaria offers all the necessary conditions for an untraditional rural vacation - old Bulgarian capitals, monasteries and museum towns, Thracian treasures and icon-painting, dozens of picturesque large and small settlements, fine old homes with rural environment and traditional lifestyle, adjoining yards with domestic animals and gardens, ecologically clean regions and pastoral landscape, well-organized welcome and services for guests with typical Bulgarian hospitality, traditional cuisine, and above all - a unique blend of natural scenery with history, folklore, national arts and crafts, colorful festivals and customs.

Rugged snow-capped peaks and soft green slopes, cool forests carrying the aroma of herbs and wild fruit, quick-flowing rivers and crystal-clear blue lakes, mineral springs and bioreserves, rare plants and game, large climatic and ski resorts and small picturesque villages with living traditions and folklore - every Bulgarian mountain has its own characteristic appearance, fascination and beautiful name.

Bulgaria has the best resorts on the Black Sea. It is famous for its fine sand beaches and perfect temperatures of water and air. More than 30 resorts along 380 km/240 miles marvelous stretch of beaches are available, most of them awarded with the EU Blue Flag for their environmental excellence.

Bulgaria is an extremely attractive center for treatment, prophylactics, recreation and tourism with its numerous resorts, favorable climate, over 500 mineral springs of varying physic-chemical composition, temperature and indisputable curative properties, dozens of lagoon firth mud sources and curative peat deposits.

Bulgaria is one of the world\'s largest wine producers. The Bulgarian white and red wines such as Gumza, Dimiat, Pamid, Muscat, Misket, Mavrud and Melnik are well known to connoisseurs. Traditionally, Bulgaria boasts five wine-growing regions, specialized in the production of typical wines. In general, South Bulgaria is known for its red wines, North Bulgaria for white wine.


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